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  • Surgical Instruments/ENT/Dental etc.
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  • Medical Equipments
  • Instrument Tray With Cover (s/s) Kidney Tray (s/s)
    Catheter Tray With Cover (s/s) Bowls (s/s)
    Sponge Bowls (18/8) Urinal Male (s/s)
    Bed Pan (s/s) Bed Pan seamless weld with cover (s/s)
    Enema can with handle (s/s) Enema can (Aliminum)
    Galli-pot with cover Forceps Jar (s/s)
    Dressing Jar (with cover) Waste Bin Pedestal with Plastic
    Water Filter (Stainless Steel) Surgical/ Syringe Boxes